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July 03, 2015, 12:52:26 AM

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Picture Of The Month

What happens when 5 of the 6 past AOTY winners get together for a halibut trip?  Well, this of course...

AOTY 2015

Sign up for 2015 AOTY now. 
Profits now going to
 Heroes on the Water.

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 "A venturesome minority will always be eager to get off on their own,
and no obstacle should be placed in their path;
let them take risk, for God sake, let them get lost, sun burnt, stranded, drowned,
eaten by bears, buried alive under avalanches -
that is the right and privilege of any free American."
--Edward Abbey--

"Adventure is just bad planning."
--Roald Amundsen--

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Registration is now live: http://nextadventure.net/oregon-rockfish-classic.html simply go to July 11th on the calender, select how many participants, and click continue to enter your information. 

The 8th annual Oregon Rockfish Classic presented by NWKA and Next Adventure will take place on July 11th 2015 at Depoe Bay, OR.  Proudly the largest kayak fishing tournament in the Northwest, the ORC always creates a spirit of friendly competition and camaraderie for the kayak fishing community.  With both new and continuing sponsors joining forces, this years ORC is shaping up to be the biggest and best yet.  Your participation helps great causes: Neighbors for Kids, a Depoe Bay organization that provides safe activities and places for local children. And, Heroes on The Water Oregon and Northwest chapters, a national organization providing kayak fishing and relief trips for veterans.

Entry Fee: $50
Date: July 11th, 2015
Location: Depoe Bay, OR.

The tournament will be based out of Chinook Bend Campground( 2920 Siletz Hwy, Lincoln City, OR 97367 chinookbend.com) , please make use of our shuttle system as to minimize the impact of the tournament on those we share the Depoe Bay boat launch with. If you plan on camping please contact Chinook Bend to make a reservation.

 All entries must be brought to shore and weighed in before 2PM at the weigh-in station on the day of the tournament.&


Looking forward to this year, when the temperatures start to warm a little and the weather settles, the first thing I always think of is my home fishing grounds I'll go back to. Just like last year, they're gonna be fun and they will produce, but even more exciting are the road trips and new adventures that lie ahead. Whether it's the Oregon Rockfish Classic or just a weekend excursion to the coast, the way to stay for a lot of us is to camp.... 

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A video review is worth a thousand words!


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There are many ways to catch Spring Chinook in Portland’s waterways. Many big fish are taken locally using various techniques
such as drifting eggs, trolling cut plug herring, Quick Fish, Flat Fish and Salmon Spinners.  However, my personal favorite and
most deadly technique is using Prawn Spinners. They are  deadly for much of the springtime run, and their efficiency in taking
large salmon, increases as spring passes through.

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The first time I saw this little grey box in a store I thought it looked interesting but just couldn’t imagine good video coming
from a tiny little camera. And then it didn't have a LCD screen? Deal breaker I thought. That was a few years ago and since
then GoPro has really made some great improvements.  I got to meet one of their representatives and when she handed me
the camera I was sure it was going to be a little gimmicky thing that really wouldn’t measure up to what we as kayak
fishermen want in a camera. Boy was I wrong!

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The Rig
The job of this rig is to get your bait down to where the salmon are and allow your herring to spin freely.  

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Kayak trolling can be a real drag….  No, not that kind of drag.  Rather, the kind of drag that makes you wish you had a rudder and
outdrive.  While 6oz of weight and a spinning herring
are manageable, the addition of a flasher or dodger can easily prove to be too much.  Enter the KoneZone flasher.  With its slow roll and
reduced drag, the KoneZone flasher is perfectly
suited to kayak trolling.

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