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  • Oregon Rockfish Classic 2017: July 15, 2017

Topic: ** Official ORC 2017 Rules and Registration Information **  (Read 7940 times)

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2017 NWKA Oregon Rockfish Classic
Presented By AquaGlide

15th July, 2017
Depoe Bay, Oregon

Registration Closed at 11:59pm July 5th, 2017

The good folks of Chinook Bend Campground are excited to be the tournament headquarters again this year!

*For those who choose other accomodations, there'll be no charge for stopping by to sign in or attend the Awards Banquet.

Chinook Bend Campground is located at 2897 Siletz Hwy, Lincoln City, OR 97367

The Oregon Rockfish Classic and Northwest Kayak Anglers are proud to partner with the American Canoe Association (ACA) to provide event insurance.   

********Official Rules:********

1. Skills required to participate in the Oregon Rockfish Classic:
   a. Upon unexpected entry into the water from their kayak, participants must be able to reenter their kayak unassisted within one minute
   b. Participants must be of a physical fitness level such that they are able to propel themselves to and from the fishing grounds unassisted while also factoring in nearshore ocean conditional elements that are common to the Oregon coast, such as winds and currents.
   c. Participants must understand and adhere to proper marine band VHF radio communication procedures


2. Before launching each participant must:
   a. Complete a safety inspection
   b. Pay registration fees
   c. Fill out and sign release of liability waiver
   d. Sign the check-out list
   e. Launch no earlier than 5:00 am
   f. Actively seek to minimize their impact on all powered vessels and all vehicles launching powered vessels in and around the vicinity of the Depoe Bay boat launch

3. While on the water each participant must:
   a. Wear immersion gear appropriate to Oregon coastal surface water temperatures
   b. Wear a Coast Guard approved personal floatation device (PDF) at all times. The PFD must be type I, II, III, or inflatable life vest as defined by the US Coast Guard
   c. Carry on their kayak a functional marine band handheld VHF radio and monitor channels 80, 72, and 16 while adhering to proper VHF radio communication procedures
   d. Carry a signaling device on their person
   e. Fly a safety flag on their kayak
   f. Carry on their kayak a bailing device
   g. Propel themselves to and from the fishing grounds under their own power(only human power is allowed - no motor or sail power)
   h. Carry a valid Oregon fishing license
   i. Carry a valid Oregon invasive species permit
   j. Carry an ODFW approved fish descending device
   k. Actively seek to minimize their impact on powered vessels at all times
   l. Follow all Depoe Bay regulations for entry to and exit from the harbor during the event
   m. Follow all ODFW regulations appropriate for the area
   n. Land their own fish without assistance unless under the age of 16 years old or permanently disabled in a way that prevents the landing of their own fish
   o. Observe and remain within the tournament fishing boundaries as follows:
      i. No fishing is allowed in the transit channel between the bell buoy directly west of the harbor entrance and the harbor entrance
      ii. Southern fishing boundary: Cove Point
      iii. Northern fishing boundary: Northernmost edge of the Worldmark Resort buildings
      iv. Western fishing boundary: Water depth of 100 feet
   p. Comply with all decisions made by the tournament coordinators as communicated through the VHF radio channel 72, including but not limited to suspending the tournament earlier than the original planned end time due to deteriorating ocean conditions or other events that compromise the safety of the event
   q. Must not consume alcohol or drugs of any kind during the event

Tournament Boundaries

4. Upon returning to the Depoe Bay boat launch area:
   a. All participants must report to the weigh-in station and sign the check out list before 2:00 pm regardless of whether or not each participant intends to submit fish for weigh-in
   b. Failure to check in by 2:00 pm may result in the participants automatic disqualification from the event, as well as future events

5. Tournament format:
   a. Only fish from participants having adhered to all rules described in these official rules will be considered for the tournament
   b. Only fish ready to be submitted at the weigh in station before 2:30 pm will be considered for the tournament and will be measured as follows:
      i. All fish shall be measured according to weight
      ii. All fish shall be measured in pounds to the nearest 1/100 of a pound
      iii.  All fish may be subject to full inspection
   c. Anglers shall be ranked based on total combination weight of the single heaviest of each target species in possession for the tournament.
   d. The four target species for the tournament are: Lingcod, cabezon, rockfish and greenling
   e. Any participant that is found knowingly attempting to manipulate their fish in order to achieve a higher ranking shall be automatically disqualified from this 2017 tournament and all subsequent Oregon Rockfish Classic tournaments

If you're new to the Oregon Rockfish Classic, check out these old threads from previous years:

ORC 2014 Pictures

ORC 2013 Official Announcement
ORC 2013 Final Results
ORC 2013 Pictures
ORC 2012 Official Announcement
ORC 2012 Final Results
ORC 2012 Pictures

Dig through the Events forum for previous years!

The roster for the 2017 ORC will be limited to 100 competitors.
The main reasons for this decision are: 1) The Depoe Bay Harbor has a limit to the amount of traffic of fishing craft that it can safely accommodate.  2) Parking in the area around the harbor is limited. 3) A limit to the number of competitors makes the logistics of the tournament much more easy to arrange and manage. 
We must keep in mind that we are not the only group of fishermen that will be planning on using the Depoe Bay Harbor that day.  It is reasonable to assume that power boaters may be targeting off-shore tuna, ocean salmon, and possibly halibut out of Depoe Bay so we must try to leave room for them too.
Best attempts will be made to try to update the list of registered participants in a timely manner, but this wonít be a daily update.

Fee Breakdown:
So where is your $40 going?
 $10 goes to a raffle ticket.* 
 $17 goes towards cash prizes for top 10 finishers.**
 $2 goes to pay for your boat ramp fee. So when you see the sign and box at the ramp, donít worry about it.
 $5 goes to insurance for the event through the American Canoe Association
 $6 goes to cover costs of the tournament (fire wood, propane, plates, cups, etc..)

* Most of our sponsored prizes will be raffled off with proceeds going to Neighbors for Kids and Heroes on the Water.   We will be selling additional raffle tickets at the Chinook Bend RV resort  during the weekend of the event.  More information on raffle prizes to follow.

** If we get a full 100 anglers registered we will be giving away a full $1700 in cash prizes to the top 10 finishers with the following break down.

1st  $700
2nd $400
3rd  $250
4th  $100
5th - 10th   $50 each

For the 80 anglers registered we will be giving away $1360 in cash prizes to the top 10 finishers with the following break down...

1st  $560
2nd $320
3rd  $200
4th  $80
5th - 10th   $40 each

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Sweet!  Planning to be there again this year.
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I know I've said this before, but that north boundary looks pretty skimpy. Why not Government Point?
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Insurance.  Everyone wants to fish so we do not have the required amount of safety paddlers for the area.


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Just curious how requirement 1a will be validated prior to participating?  I fully support the rule and feel it is the right thing to require, just curious how it will be managed?

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Pre-test in the bay before launch!  Don't worry, I have lots of practice, I'll help you back in while I'm taking the optional tour of the bay (on purpose, of course). :)


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HULL-CHECK!!!   Splash!

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Signed up and have site reserved.
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I will be there!  Camp reservations already made too :)

*edit - signed up/paid for Crash and I too!!

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Signed up and paid for my 1st ORC! SO EXCITED! :banjo:


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I'll be paying PAID! and making camping reservations shortly.

For those that are new to ORC (and those returning for that matter) please see the taco feed thread and sign up for bringing some of the mountain of stuff we need to pull off that feast.
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I would love love love to go.  It is a long way to drive.  The weather would have to be good for me to make it.  I will keep in touch though. 
Will trade oral favors for fish.


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I would love love love to go.  It is a long way to drive.  The weather would have to be good for me to make it.  I will keep in touch though.

Even if the weather is bad there is salmon fishing and steelhead in the river located at the campsite. I had a great time last year even though the ocean was a no go.


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I would love love love to go.  It is a long way to drive.  The weather would have to be good for me to make it.  I will keep in touch though.

It's worth it just for the taco feed.  And I'm not saying that because I'm the organizer for the taco feed (note: I only organize, the majority of the actual work is done by those that show up and help out).  My first year at ORC my involvement in the taco was eating and being asked to help cook.  It's a really great party, and with the raffle a chance for some great prizes and to raise money for HOW at the same time.  If the weather is crap there's bound to be enough people that will be able to bring frozen fillets that we'll do the feed whether or not we fish the ocean.  And, as noted, if the ocean is blown out, you can fish for salmon and steelhead in the river right off the campground.

Keep in mind too that sponsors fill up your captains bag with enough swag to more than pay for the cost of entry.  And you get said captains bag whether we get to fish or not.

There are lots of people (including me) that are going a lot farther than you will.  Heck, by the time I hit Olympia I'll be 2.5 hours into the trip already.  If the cost of the drive is a barrier let folks know you need to carpool.  I'm sure it will work for somebody to either give you a lift or ride along in your car.  I won't be able to accommodate you, but that's only because I'm not going straight to/from the tournament this time.  If it was a straight down and back up trip I'd offer to pick you up for a $25 round trip gas money contribution.
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Well when you put it like that....count me in.  I will have to get on my pc later and officially sign up.

Camp site reservation --- Check.

ORC payment---Check.

All ready to go.  Now all I have to do is tell the Mrs. LOL

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Will trade oral favors for fish.