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Picture Of The Month

Zach Dennis scores his 1st Spring Chinook!  Another satisfied graduate of the annual Next Adventure Springer Clinic.

AOTY 2016

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 "A venturesome minority will always be eager to get off on their own,
and no obstacle should be placed in their path;
let them take risk, for God sake, let them get lost, sun burnt, stranded, drowned,
eaten by bears, buried alive under avalanches -
that is the right and privilege of any free American."
--Edward Abbey--

"Adventure is just bad planning."
--Roald Amundsen--

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Thousands in Prizes!!     5 Different Prize Categories!!
HUGE Raffle to benefit Local Charities!

         Date:  May 20, 2017                    Time: Sunrise to 3:00PM
Event HQ: Hewitt Holcomb Park      Where: Richland, Oregon

Entry fee: $30.00 - ($25 of each entry will go to Local Children's and Veteran's Services!!!)

     Event boundaries: Brownlee and Oxbow Reservoirs<

27 Aug 2013 - A Land That Time Forgot

There are still places on this earth free from the wanton tinkerings of man.  Places fierce yet fragile.  Places that remind a man of both his power and insignificance.  Cochrane Bay is one such place.

Day 4 August 18th, 2013 (7:30 PM)

Last Fishing day of an exploratory trip to a far corner of Prince William Sound.  Hour 41 on the water and an unsatisfied dream of catching my 1st Pacific Halibut feels the chilly approach of a cruel dawn. 

A fruitless morning spent torturing greenling on the unseen slopes of a deepwater mound was followed by an afternoon of exploring yet more ‘virgin’ territory.  This time, across the mile wide Cochrane Bay.

The crazy chase of contour lines drew only frustration. While I did enjoy playing bump and run with the local harbor seals and soaking in the hyper realistic Alaskan landscape, my Halibut fishing has proved to be less than impressive.  *Sigh*  Two greenling sipping water from the pedal side of the mirage drive hole remind me that I’m not done.  But damn…. I feel done. 

The wind and horizontal rain that kicked up during our initial crossing is finally starting to subside.  Akfishergal, (Manolin to my Santiago) has already called it quits.  She’s enjoying 1:1 time wit


A video review is worth a thousand words!


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There are many ways to catch Spring Chinook in Portland’s waterways. Many big fish are taken locally using various techniques
such as drifting eggs, trolling cut plug herring, Quick Fish, Flat Fish and Salmon Spinners.  However, my personal favorite and
most deadly technique is using Prawn Spinners. They are  deadly for much of the springtime run, and their efficiency in taking
large salmon, increases as spring passes through.

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The Rig
The job of this rig is to get your bait down to where the salmon are and allow your herring to spin freely.  

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Kayak trolling can be a real drag….  No, not that kind of drag.  Rather, the kind of drag that makes you wish you had a rudder and
outdrive.  While 6oz of weight and a spinning herring
are manageable, the addition of a flasher or dodger can easily prove to be too much.  Enter the KoneZone flasher.  With its slow roll and
reduced drag, the KoneZone flasher is perfectly
suited to kayak trolling.

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by Pelagic Paddler

Heres how I decide to “GO” or not..

Keep in mind that these are just forecasts, they can be much better and they can be much worse.  With experience, and access to several sources, you will get better and better at finding those
“doable” days.  Keep in mind if you only fish when the forecast is  “absolutely perfect” you won’t fish much.  Sometimes you just need make an educated guess and “roll the dice”,  heading to the
coast to decide if its “doable” when you get there.

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