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Danr realizes the dream with a 30lb Chetco Bubble Chinook!

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Probably the biggest obstacle to kayak fishing for sturgeon on the Willamette River is figuring how to safely anchor over deep sturgeon holes in moderate speed currents.  Many of the better known sturgeon holes are any where from 60 to 100 ft deep and a typical anchor trolley with 30 ft of anchor line isn't going to cut it.  

There are many considerations ...

depth, anchor scope, and amount of line
current speed and attachment point
ease of deployment and retrieval
ability to detach from anchor system (and retrieve) if needed

One 3 lb folding anchor
3 ft of 1/4 inch chain
300 ft of 3/16 briaded nylon rope
One extension chord spool
One brass clip
One stainless ring
6 ft of 1/2 polypropoline line
One crab buoy
6 ft bow (or stern line)
One jam cleat