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Danr realizes the dream with a 30lb Chetco Bubble Chinook!

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Rufus Report, 11/29 by Pisco Sicko

The Noggin Yakker and I met up Sunday morning to scout out some new (to us) territory. We ended up at some of the netpen operations, off of Columbia River Road.
The fish checker that greeted us reported that the fishing was slow, and had been for a couple of months. :(. Dang, that wasn't what we wanted to hear!

We putzed around just below the pens for a little while with no action, and none seen by the bankies. I went upstream to do some more exploring and ended up going maybe 3/4 mile above the pens.

There were a few more bankies, but still no action. On the way back down to the pens I noticed a couple of young guys on shore, next to the dock where they load the feed on to boats. Turns out the crews chum that area pretty actively, and there was a nice herd of fish hanging out under, and near, the dock. I hooked several and then went to find the Karl. We anchored up offshore from the dock and used flyrods with buggers, and got pretty regular action.

Overall, this was lacking in aesthetics, but made up for it with poundage. These piggies put the weight on, fast! This little piggy gave me an AOTY upgrade.

Link to entire thread: http://www.northwestkayakanglers.com/index.php?topic=2076.0