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Topic: Homer Spit Sept 9  (Read 561 times)

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I have just been in a real funk mainly due to work and partially due to weather.  I really think I have lost my mojo.  It's happened before and the usual cure is just sheer perseverance. 

So I did a quick run to Homer with Ryu.  Fished only a few hours.  I hooked up to and lost a small king maybe 5 pounds early.  then the sonar went blank and there was very little salmon activity.  I have heard of good catches inside the bay so it may be just a matter of time before the kings show up near the spit more consistently.  My understanding is that it is timed often with the sandlance spawn which should be close to happening. 

We did have no problems picking up a bunch of under 10 pound halibut.  More like under 5 pound halibut.  But each fish provided some good fillets.

I did speak with other folks including fish and game and they said the fishing has been fairly decent inside the bay from Halibut Cove to Bear Cove.  I have always felt that the spit was a transitional area when the fish were moving between the head of the bay, Seldovia, and the bluffs.  As long as we can get a concentration of bait in the area, it should produce. 

You know a 16 second video can't be any good....and sorry its a facebook link.  I will try and switch it over to a youtube link when I can reload it.


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Good to hear from you Rudy. I was hoping everything was o.k. I haven't been out for a while either. Was hoping to go this weekend, but I'm not liking the 20 kts. they're calling for Saturday. That might be a good day to run to Anchorage for some things I've been wanting to do. (I'm not a fan of going to Anchorage.)

Your report gives me hope. I'm ready to get on some kings down there. Maybe next weekend.

I hope to see you down there on a good day. Got get you out of that funk.

Klondike Kid

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Well I was figuring you headed out to the Chain and the ferry quit running out there and you were stranded. :)  I've been in a waterless rut this summer too except for Kodiak. Just took down the cover on the greenhouse, picked the only two zucchini squash my garden produced, rolled up a few garden hoses and put away garden tools. Time to start focusing on some fishing again. Was good to read SwansonSilver's report from the Spit. Looks like its Game On!

Better track down that mojo Rudy.....you are the major incentive for many of us!  The king derby is looming on the horizon.
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