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Topic: Myrtle Beach SC shark report  (Read 2027 times)

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Wicked dan

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  I haven't checked out this site in awhile but checing out all the post from Alaska got me itching for another trip.  But with my daughter getting married in the middle of August my wife told me that I didn't want to go again this year.

We did make a trip to Myrtle Beach South Carolina a few weeks back and I had a blast with close to 50 sharks from the kayak.   I landed about 20 that were in the 6 foot range with most of the others about 3-5 feet.

The fishing was pretty easy once you found a school of bunker.  I would throw a snagging hook into the school and try and get it to the kayak before a shark would get it.   Once I got the bunker to the kayak I put it on a single hook and casted it back into the school where a shark would grab it in a matter of seconds.

I also caught a bunch of spanish mackerel that also put up a great fight for there size.

I had a pretty good spring with stripers in New Jersey but I am looking forward to the fall run when there are albies mixed in with the bass.

Here are a few pictures

Danny V


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Very nice pics. How do you release a critter like that?  Verrrry long pliers?
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Wicked dan

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I was able to get about 90% of the hooks out with very long pliers and a long hook remover.   The ones that were too deep just got cut as close to the hook as possible.

Safety first!

Danny V