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Do you pedal or paddle


Topic: How many of you paddle??  (Read 73322 times)

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Come on lurkers chime in!  It doesn't matter if you have 1000hrs on the water or 10.  I want to know what kind of equipment you're using.

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OK Trident 15 Angler!  Love it.  Full Wheeleez cart fits in the front hatch.  Slices through big waves.  Great fishing platform for my needs.  Those lawn chair models do look nice for anchoring up though.

Also currently rigging our tandem Necky sea kayak for fishing this Spring with my kids, pics to follow.
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Come on lurkers chime in!  It doesn't matter if you have 1000hrs on the water or 10.  I want to know what kind of equipment you're using.

OK, I did - wasn't going to since I haven't pedaled/paddled in almost 3 months!  Been busy with holidays and other winter activities - but time to get back at it.   ;D

If I went by current posts, it would appear that pedalers are the majority here.  So, all you paddlers stand up and be counted!    Especially if you're a lurker. 

Interesting theory - though the current polling seems to be neck and neck.  Maybe the pedalers  are just a louder group!

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Saw this video on FB.  It's for a FL kayak fishing tournament.  I thought it was funny.  The Native Slayer Propel seems to be getting traction down there in the southeast.

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Hey im riding in a 12 ft perception. Pescador.  No fishfinder on board. I only use gps plotter. I have a fishfinder i just havent used it yet. All stock no mods . Longest paddle i could find.. just basic average joe cabelas paddle . 49 bucks. Average cruising speed 3.0 in currents. 3.4 3.5 knots in calm water. Back pack full of tackle,dry storage with.extra clothes.  Watetproof box for keys wallet etc.  No dry suit.  Been out in all coconditions never felt uunsafe . . Love this. Yak


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Thanks to members continually selling off their kayaks, I'm now up to four paddle kayaks. I've got to cover all situations for family and friends. I've got my original Trident-11 plus another lightly used one and then a Trident-13 and most recently bought Indyflyer's Emotion Mojo I haven't had a chance to try out yet. I still need to modify a couple of milk crates, get one more rod pod and two fish finders and I hope I'll be caught up. I got a two rod endorsement for 2014 so I'll be a real quick draw expert soon. Either that or wish I was pedaling.


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Look at the results so far ... neck and neck.  Not what I was expecting.



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+1 Paddle

I bought my Jackson Cuda 12 Illuminati last year and love it!  I've got two GT90 tracks and backing plates waiting for install, a Visicarbon Pro, anchor trolley, and a tricked out crate.  This year plan mods are homemade rod leashes and paddle leash, fish finder (looking at the new Humminbird 688c DI), kayak cart, and drift anchor setup.  As soon as it gets warm (hard to think about with snow on the ground  ;D) hope to practice some SOT recovery. 
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Saw this video on FB.  It's for a FL kayak fishing tournament.  I thought it was funny.  The Native Slayer Propel seems to be getting traction down there in the southeast.

Looks like the Mirage drive is even better  ;)

skip to 0:40
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iPaddle, started in sink, went to SOT and now returning to a sink, always with a paddle.  Bracing, tight turns and backing up just seem easier for me with a paddle in my hand.  Haven't had issues with paddle in hand/lap while fishing, whether I am using a rod & reel or Cuban handline.


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I Paddle a Old Town Discovery 119 single seat canoe. Made a new front thwart with three Scotty mounts in it. I also have a Eagle cuda 350 fish finder that I mount on one side. It has worked out great but this year I want to get a Revo 13 so we will see if I can go fish with some of you all some day here soon.



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I paddle because I just enjoy the workout. I hurt my back years ago, and I look at paddling at helping me retain my core strength. So far it works. 


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Look at the results so far ... neck and neck.  Not what I was expecting.


Yah yah...I also know folks that run single core chip processors and they think it's great because the calculator they used prior was an abacus.  Until they run the latest equipment, they just don't know.  LOL  ok ok. no flames.  I was just kidding sort of. I can only speak to the specific situations I fish.  I caught some really nice fish using a 9ft mini-x in the same waters I fish now and didn't know any better.  Having said that, I can barely bench press the "bar" let alone any weight.  But I will put my "squat" abilities against any one out there on a pound to pound basis.  So naturally I prefer the pedals.

Also in my style of fishing, there are some HUGE advantages to hands free propulsion.  But keep in mind I mounted a permanent down rigger base to my kayak.  I troll about 90% of the time...even for halibut.  In that arena, there is absolutely no question that pedals are superior.  I don't have to worry about current direction, wind speed, nothing as I deploy my gear.  You DO need to be aware of all of those factors while paddling so you don't get tangled up as you deploy. 

Really what it boils down to for me is "can you fish out of it and can you do it safely?"  If you can, it's ALL good!!!!

A better question might be what is your PRIMARY kayak.  I LOVE my mini-x.  lightweight, portable, does everything the outback can do in my waters...with a LOT more effort.  But it can be done.  I voted pedal, though I do both.  I;d be interested in if the "Both" crowd doesn't lean pedaling by a significant margin which would make a difference. 
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+1---I have a OK Big Game Prowler. My reason was I have a big problem going where kayaks probably shouldn't go to get at fish like 1"to2" of water rocks,kelp,logs and what not.Plus I use the paddle to push off rocks and smack the sometimes wandering all to close fur bag and plus it looks real cool paddling.( and yes my hull looks like hell,but every scratch has story)

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I started paddling to fish.

Then I got a Hobble Indenture and knew IT was THE way.

Then I started guiding tourists and paddled so they would not feel bad. Then I noticed that I kinda liked paddling.

Now I've noticed that I leave the drive at home a bit more than half the time I'm out in my boat. Think that's because I've discovered my inner inuit? 


The ridiculously overpriced replacement drive needs a larger shaft to properly fit my boat and I'm too lazy to fix it.

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