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Spring lings on the Oregon coast

Topic: The Cheapskate Kayak Fisherman - Deals Thread  (Read 47095 times)

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If only they made wheels that work at Fogarty Beach. That soft pebble/sand is terrible.

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OK, so I'm not the only one  struggling to get to n from the parking lot at Fogarty!

I love my Outback, but always get envious of how easy Clayman makes it look, to pull his Revo there!
A day without fishing probably wouldn't kill me,
but why risk it?

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If only they made wheels that work at Fogarty Beach. That soft pebble/sand is terrible.

I have the sand wheels, they do work.
I did a completely unscientific test at the little cove next to where the NOAA ships dock.
From the soft sand at the top to the mud at low tide it was much easier with the sand wheels.
They're better on hard surface than balloon tires.
C-Tugs are not perfect, the kickstand is a joke, the entire thing is plastic and subject to UV degradation.
The pads don't fit any of my kayaks, that can be overcome.
Then put a pair of them together with the connector kit and it's great.
Sure beats the half dozen, half assed PVC pipe contraptions I've created over the years.


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Tons of BF sales going on.  The best I've seen since pre COVID. 

If you like to tie flies, Spawn is having a great sale. Tempted to head down river and check out the secret in store specials.  I like to throw my support their way.

The Dollar has also been strong against the Yen.  While not as great a deal as it was a few weeks ago, buying JDM gear is still a good value. 



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Seen some of the deals and already got my list made out for them at Spawn.


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Limited deals available this year, but I did manage to find one worth sharing...40% back as a gift card when you buy any St. Croix rod from American Legacy Fishing. I've ordered from them before and I've been very happy with the deals and service. More of a bass-focused inventory though, as a disclaimer for use of the gift card for PNW folks.

I've had a St. Croix triumph M 6'6" for about 15 years now and it's been very good to me. I've only had to replace the top eye. It's been around the world with me and caught many fish in both fresh and salt water. I'm going to upgrade one of my other spinning rods to the St. Croix Avid this year. I spoke with customer service and the deal is good for backorders as well. This model would be about 2 months out on backorder.



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REI is having a 30% off used gear sale right now through 1/1/23. I found a nice Mustang Survival drysuit, size XXL. Out the door is $335 for a $1000 dry suit - that would be pretty hard to beat if this is used gently and returned (ad states excellent condition).