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Topic: Some Silvers on the Beach now - Seward Derby starts Saturday  (Read 2859 times)

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I just checked with Molly over in Seward to see if any coho are finally showing along the city beaches and other nearby popular spots. She said there are a few finally showing and people are starting to report a few catches indicating its improving but not great. I have a scout going over to Nash Rd Saturday to try shore fishing so I'll have an update on what he finds out.

Seward Silver Salmon Derby begins Saturday at 6am and runs through next Sunday 8/19.

I'd probably give it a week or two longer for best opportunities along the beaches from a kayak.

There are some silver hogs in the Kenai. I've already had photo reports of 14 and 15 pounders caught over the past week.

You don't need to do a downstream drift to get into silvers from a kayak on the Kenai. On an incoming tide from the Kenai City dock you can troll upstream on the tide as far as you want. Drop an anchor anywhere from Cunningham, along the Cow Pasture, or Bluff Hole and run a kwikfish with sardine wrap or walk the dog with some eggs on the bottom. Then ride the outgoing back to the ramp. If you have a manageable kayak you could launch at the Kenai Bridge parking lot but that is just one level better than Cunningham's slippery clay and steep bank.
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