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Topic: Labor Day at WG  (Read 1326 times)

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Made it out for my second day of fishing this year. That just sounds wrong. A great summer and only two days fishing. Anyway... Beautiful calm day. Super small tides. Saw 4 fish. 1 immature ling. 1 eight pound halibut. (Kept it since it was the first I've seen since July 6 and I had no fish in the freezer. Lost about a 15 pounder at the boat. Finished with a 25 - 30 pounder. That should take care of me for the winter.

Two other kayakers came in and had also had a good morning. 

Now I just hope there's some action of the spit this year. I could use a couple salmon.

Hope to see you all still this season.


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Glad to hear you got out! 

We got out Saturday.  Fishing was slow but we were using small gear to try and catch a halibut that we could grill up for shore lunch.  Fishing was slow enough that it was probably a good thing we stuck with the small gear.  We kept four fish all well under 10 pounds.  Still it was pretty amazing that we used only 3 out of 4 fillets from a fish that had to be well under 5 pounds and it provided us more than enough fish for Ryu to try his hand at fixing us up with a killer shore lunch.  Grilled halibut, Baked Halibut, roasted garlic and portobello mushrooms! AWESOME!!!  What a beautimous day!!!!!



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  • Lingcod
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That looks like a great lunch.