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Topic: Tutka bay in early June  (Read 2185 times)

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Hi All,
Im new to this community - I live in the SF bay area and am a part of NCKA.  My buddy Greg and I recently booked a trip to Homer in early June, and will be renting kayaks (malibu x-factors) and gear for three days, staying in a cabin in Tutka bay across from Homer.  We're "celebrating" turning 40, and are super excited for the trip.  We plan to bring quite a bit of gear (as much as we can stuff in a 50 lb bag), and I wanted to touch base with this community on other non-obvious things we need to include or read more about.  For example, we both fish with shark shields down here.  Are they needed up there?  Also, we will be setting up spear-gaff harpoons for the big butts and plan on bringing similar salmon gear to what we use down here in the summer chasing kings offshore.  Also, we have read that early June is kind of between runs for kings... not sure how that translates to Tutka bay, but are there spots down there that are more chinooky than others?  Down here, we look for birds working, bait balls, etc, often paddling >10 miles/day, but we know generally where to target.  Im not asking for GPS coordinates :-), but any general information on targeting kings or halibut in or within paddling distance from Tutka bay would be greatly appreciated.   We are both trying to read as much as we can to prepare for the trip.  Also, we watch a lot of the youtube videos of some of you guys slaying up there.   :)  Looking forward to discussing and learning from you all!


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I'm surprised no one has helped you out by now. I've fished tutka bay out of my boat before, not a kayak. I'll offer some advice, but I'm afraid I can't be a ton of help to make sure you're successful at tutka. The big piece of advice I'd offer is to bring some hiking gear, the kachemak state park is an awesome place to explore. The tides can get pretty wild in there, so be aware of that. And I would also highly suggest since you're making the trip all the way there, to take the time and fish whiskey gulch. There's tons of information on here about it, and it's just up the road from Homer. In June you should have no problem finding halibut and Kings there.
Shark shields won't be needed, and using birds to find bait balls is still a proven tactic. Good luck, and I hope the weather works out for you.