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Topic: Any tips for steering pedal drive in reverse against current  (Read 2478 times)

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Rocky Point

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Hi I bought a Hobie 13 for fishing and 99% of that time will be from my property in a river with constant steady current.  Currents not too swift but itís always there.  I pedal a couple miles upriver and fish a long drift there and my favorite method to fish it is called back trolling.   Ideally when you back troll you face down river with your boat in reverse, not fast enough to move upriver just moving down much slower than the current is moving and sweeping back and forth slowly across the river while moving down.   The problem is...my kayak donít like that.

My twist down rudder is the downfall, it will catch current and turn and itís also hard to turn upriver into the current.  If my rear rudder had 360 technology it would probably work, or if Hobie comes out with a twist down rudder attachment for the front of the yak.  They should because Iím sure everyone else wants a rudder for the front of there yaks too, lol. 

Anyhow, I like back trolling plugs and bait a lot, but itís not near as fun If I have to do it facing upriver.  My mirage drive has plenty of power to do it, but that rudder struggles badly. Iím trying to think of Any way to make it better.  I think my rudder could be trimmed way down for my specific situation, but I donít want to do it for nothing.  Anybody have suggestions.  Iím ready to mount a fin on a post off the front of my yak, similar to a minn Kota trolling motor design, but just a fin and pulleys to steer maybe?Hell I donít know but I really like back trolling...facing down river...and my kayak donít. 


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The easiest would be a rudder up front controlled with a tiller.  Here is a boat version. It would be easy.


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Yeah, I've tried that - facing downriver in my Revo, trying to steer with the rudder.  Like you said, it doesn't work.

It actually worked really well with my PA 12. 

The best, easiest fix I found was to simply pull the rudder and use the paddle to move one way or the other.  Then when you need to reel or adjust your rod simply lay the paddle in your lap.  It is a little cumbersome, no doubt, but I bet it you practiced enough it would become pretty natural.
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T Coastal

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This won't help you with your rudder, but usually when I "back troll" I am anchored facing downriver, more so backbouning bait but I run plus a lot in the Fall using the same method. If I want to fish a slightly different drift I will re anchor in a slightly different spot. I have not tried this out of my Outback yet but will when the fall Chinook run starts in October in Tidewater. I was going to use this product with an H rail and Scotty base to get my anchor directly behind me. Skipping the pully system all together.


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