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September 21, 2023, 04:12:01 PM

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Topic: Kayak Recs  (Read 2298 times)

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Thank you all for the input.

I went to Next Adventure today and reserved an Old Town Sportsman 120 PDL. These things are scarce right now and the arrival is still "TBA" so it could be a while. I'm hoping it's soon. The only ones available to reserve were in the Photic Camo but I'm hoping the color will grow on me.

It was either this or the outback for me and when I started adding up the costs of all the safety gear and fishing accessories, it steered me towards the Old Town. I also feel like the drive will be easier on my ankles and knees but that's just a guess.

I still plan on demoing an Outback. The baby blue one sure caught me eye on the show floor. Good looking yak.

I'm hoping this Sportsman will still be able to handle the coastal rivers, bays and such. Don't know much about hull design and such.

It'll handle the bays and lower tidally influenced rivers easy. Congrats on your purchase!
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Thank you. I'm hoping to get it in before April or May. Hard to say with everything going on.