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Picture Of The Month

Spring lings on the Oregon coast

Topic: Introduction ...  (Read 588 times)

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Howdy all and thanks for allowing me to join NWKA!  I am located in Puyallup (near Tacoma) and fish out of a Hobie Outback.  I prefer to fly fish, but will take on any type of fishing.  The majority of my fishing has been in lakes (Coldwater near St. Helens) is one of my favorites, and prefer the harder to get to spots with the least amount of people (as I am sure most do).  I have done a little fishing in my kayak Puget Sound and would like to learn more from others in this area.  I don't have dry suit to fish in the cold weather, would be curious to see if you all make that a requirement, etc.  I grew up salmon fishing in the sound, so I am interested in the kayak tips.

Lastly, I have been struggling to navigate the forum, is there a tutorial or user's guide?  Thanks in advance.

Looking forward to engaging with you all,


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Lastly, I have been struggling to navigate the forum, is there a tutorial or user's guide?  Thanks in advance.
Welcome.  CW is a great lake.
What navigation issues are you having?


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Welcome JohnMack!

There are two ways to navigate this site.  You can click on the "Forum" tab for a list of categories to peruse or post in.  Alternately, you can type a keyword in the search bar for a list a posts that contain your keyword. For best effect, return to the "Home" screen between searches so that the returns are unbounded.

You'll find lots of discussions on immersion gear but the guidance boils down to:
- If the water is cold, wear something that will keep you dry if you fall out.
- Waders with a dry top, surfing wetsuit or a dry/paddling suit are all fine as long as they're worn properly (ie zipped, cinched etc)


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Thanks Spot, now that I made my introductory post the forum categories show, I could not see them before.  Thanks for the quick response!


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Welcome!  If you'd like to see and try on some drysuits you can see Edgar at Sportco in Fife or myself at Outdoor Emporium in Seattle (we are also a Hobie dealer).  As for whether they are needed or not, do some searching for "Rule of 120".


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Welcome! Nice to add another member to the forum! I am out of Hood River in The Gorge (on the Oregon side). I fish for EVERYTHING. My specialty is compliments.

Tight Lines!

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Welcome to the NWKA JohnMack.  I use the search bar to look for topics.  Lots of great folks here willing to share their experience/knowledge.
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