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Topic: Depth Master Braided Lines...  (Read 394 times)

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You know, I can't ALWAYS have a line counter on my reel. How many of you out there do this? Is there a certain species you target with it or is it just a saltwater thing? I haven't seen too many people out there with it as there is more dark green power pro and mono on the reels I see (and use). Looking forward to getting some use out of this in the Spring.

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I usually just watch my weight/jig go down on my fishfinder, and/or count the cranks up to estimate my depth of presentation.  Can't hurt to give it a try. 


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I've had PowerPro Depth-Hunter on my jigging reel for two seasons and like it. Takes the guesswork out of targeting specific depths.

It does fade after a bit of use, but not so severely that it prevents me from knowing where in the water column my presentation is. This line has been on my spool for two summer seasons... Looks pretty faded but I'm still able to count the tick marks and see the color changes to know where my presentation is at. From top to bottom the colors are orange, green, yellow, blue. Of note, the first segments fade the quickest; I've probably removed 50' of line since this was put on my spool.

If anyone knows where I can find 15lb Depth-Hunter, shoot me a message.... been on the lookout for that stuff for a while now.