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March 23, 2023, 01:30:03 PM

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Topic: Fogarty Proposed as a Marine Conservation Area?  (Read 308 times)

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Has anyone heard or know anything more about this? I have found little in my search and and a fellow in another group im in commented this:

"There's movement to turn Fogarty into a Marine Conservation Area.The proposal is currently in the hands of the Land Conservation and Development Commission. The initial proposal called for No Fishing, but it was later changed to allow fishing from shore. Harvest of kelp and seaweed may be restricted. Here's a link to the Working Group meeting about this last spring: "https ://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wF04982Iom qms
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I started a thread on this a couple weeks ago. There are some links and commentary on it there:

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Thanks to both of you for posting this information ... and to the others who participated in the discussion a couple weeks ago.

I don't yet have an opinion on whether this MCA is a good thing or not, but I have thought about whether it will restrict our use of Fogarty as a launch site.  I think it won't affect us for the following reason ... As shown on the map included on the "official" website provided by Sherminator, the MCA extends only about 300yds from the beach.   Most of us are navigating the reef and swells in this area, not actually fishing.  I haven't seen anything that restricts folks from passing thru the MCA with fish caught elsewhere.

Am I wrong or too naive?



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We shouldn't have an issue transporting fish through the MCA to the beach. Can do the same thing in Marine Reserves as well. Just can't have lines in the water while inside the MCA.

I still think the rationale behind the proposal is a bit flimsy and NIMBY-ish, but that's just me. They did a really poor job of outreaching the proposal to potential stakeholders/users of the area.
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