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March 23, 2023, 02:18:18 PM

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Spring lings on the Oregon coast

Topic: What did you actually accomplish this weekend?  (Read 358 times)

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Yep. Still in partial hibernation. Watching travel softball games, football, the new HBO shows... Cleaned out the chicken coop, improved their watering system, let them out to run around for a bit. Put a second coating of beeswax on my new Carhartt Christmas jacket, vacuum-packed some salmon roe in my bait freezer, made some salmon dip that my family destroyed, ordered some books to peruse on the history of Mexico to use in my classroom and am currently pondering a new Mustad fish bag (the Addicted 38" x 15" x 8") and re-posting some Ambassadeur, an Avet and an extra Mini-X kayak I have in the backyard...

Hope you're all doing well!

Fred "True" Trujillo

P.S. - And monitoring Magic Seaweed...
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This kind of weather is the time I get my fly tying done. I think I am ready for the coming fishing season.  The fish don’t have a chance now.
Being retired, they pay me when I go fishing, therefore I am kind of a professional fisherman.


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Steelhead fishing was pretty good this weekend. Solid push of wilds arrived  8).
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Nice man, I'm jealous!

I mostly just unpacked more at the new house.

Scouted a couple places from shore, Eugene's Delta ponds (seem super shallow n weedy, but may have bass potential in spring) and Fern Ridge (water level still really low, but hoping to get crappie there later).

Gonna give Olalla a try tomorrow,  if anyone wants to join.
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but why risk it?

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I made a couple of lovely (IMHO) pens on my new Christmas lathe.  One of these days I do plan to excavate my kayak from the garage and go get it wet again, though!

Just a regular slimline twist pen, made with a laminated wood pen blank, finished with a wax-oil compound.

This one is a shop pencil for myself - thick leads of 4 colors plus a pen insert.  Made with a Purpleheart blank, just because I love the wood's color.

Lots of fun.
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Lovely writing devices! I have some nice bits of mahogany I can give ya, should we ever fish together.

I kind of put down wood working, in favor of AOTY last year, but am missing it. I really enjoy carving decorative handles for axes and warhammers n such. Have made a few lures, pipes, and other random things.
A day without fishing probably wouldn't kill me,
but why risk it?

2nd Place AOTY 2022
1st Place Tiny Fish Slam 2022

2007 Red Hobie Outback "Serenity"
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Purple Heart looks fantastic but it smells like baby vomit.  A little denatured alcohol to start and shellac when you’re finishing will take care of the smell.  I love the work.  Those look great.

I spent the weekend pulling stumps, tearing down a brick wall, and digging trenches for a downspout drain to carry water away from my house. 


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I cleaned out the chicken coop and put feesh cedar shavings in the laying boxes. Packed another week worth of firewood up to the back patio. Went to my oldest sons house and replace the throttle body sensor and throttle body on his 2007 GMC Acadia. Worked my futurw son in laws 2001 Infiniti I30 that I am replacing the wheel bearings and exhaust on.

Only looked at magic seaweed around 6 times trying to fight off the urge to brave an al.ost ok looking forecast for Wednesday.

Oh, and I got all of the AOTY prizes sorted and ready to be sent out!
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