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Welcome to the Kayak Fly Fishing section.

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Kayak fishing... GOOOD! Fly Fishing GOOOD! Kayak Fly Fishing Very GOOOD!!
Here's the section for all the fly anglers, or those interested in it, to chat form, flies, gear, trade ideas, or anything related to waving the bug wand on a yak.


you guys should call this the "fly-heaver" section  ;D


--- Quote from: Mooch on January 13, 2008, 12:43:11 AM ---you guys should call this the "fly-heaver" section  ;D

--- End quote ---

"Gear heaver" sounds about right for conventional fishing. ;)
Redington (great fly and conventional rod maker) put's it well in an ad
"On the water we're all the same."

Z (lovin' 'em both, bug and gear heaver)

Redington used to have this awesome series of web ads on their site... pictures of famous people with funny captions that related back to their rods.  Shot of Margaret Thatcher, British PM in the 80's that was captioned "knows a thing or two about buggers," shot of Fidel Castro that read "long-lasting and cheap," etc...

I prefer the term "bug chucker" myself.

Thoughts please on handling the fly line inside the cockpit with such things sticking out as foot braces in Trident 13 Angler for example. Thank you. Holt


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