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Looking forward to this year, when the temperatures start to warm a little and the weather settles, the first thing I always think of is my home fishing grounds I'll go back to. Just like last year, they're gonna be fun and they will produce, but even more exciting are the road trips and new adventures that lie ahead. Whether it's the Oregon Rockfish Classic or just a weekend excursion to the coast, the way to stay for a lot of us is to camp. But an integral part of those adventures that's always a pain in the butt is getting the gear together and keeping it organized. One local company out of Spokane, WA, GSI Outdoors, is doing it's best to take care our cooking needs with an extremely compact and lightweight line of gear.


Let's rewind to last year when a strangely small box came to my door with the:

Pinnacle Camper


50 oz. Java Press


Kitchen 11 Utensil Set



I was told all this was coming together so puzzled at the size of the box. Yes, the 50 oz. Java Press with it's neoprene jacket, yeah, that sucker was super sized but the rest, really? Was it all really there? The kitchen utensils were in a nice compact foam case that had all I'd really need. Telescoping spatula, ladle, chopping board, towel, sponge, wire whisk, cheese grater, an integrated salt and pepper shaker, and two bottles for oil what ever other necessities need come along. Add a kitchen knife and it was done! That was a real saver right there. My bag of random kitchen "camp supplies" I'd collected and used over the previous 5 years went straight to the recycle bin. But when I checked out the Pinnacle Camper set, that was the real game changer.


The Pinnacle Camper set is essentially THE rest of the gear you'll need to get your food together in an incredibly compact set. I'll let the specs talk for themselves.

1 deep saucepan w/ lid and pasta strainer (w/ Teflon Radiance)

1 medium saucepan w/ lid (w/ Teflon Radiance)

1 frying pan w/ lid (w/ Teflon Radiance)

(all pans use one potholder that telescopes for easy stowing.)

4 polypropylene plates

4 polypropylene cups

4 polypropylene mugs

1 washbasin


It really has to be seen in action to be appreciated how well it's been engineered to fit together in a 9" x 9" x 5.8" package. It's almost like a clown car at the circus, more and more stuff just keeps piling out of that little package.

Well that was last year and I've used it for well over a dozen times since then and it's proven to be some seriously solid gear. Very little wear and still performing like it did the day I got it. Most importantly, it's exceeded my expectations at making preparing and packing for these trips a snap. So much less of a headache-especially since it takes up so little room. If you're in the market for some new camp gear for the coming year, I highly recommend checking out GSI Outdoors.



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