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from the write up/link: "Unequivocally, it is the most advanced pedal-driven personal watercraft on Earth—an angling assault vehicle that offers unrivaled hands-free boat control and fishability."

they blowing smoke up their ass? is this true? for one thing i could see a prop getting fouled way easier than a mirage drive/ and more of a bitch to unfoul, agree?  and then that statement regarding it as "unrivaled hands free control and fishability? more than a hobie? i smell b.s.  i do like the reverse tho, thats cool. i guess remains to be seen if these outperform a hobie. wonder how much?

Mojo Jojo:
I have a 2012 Native Mariner Propel that has reverse and a prop

Why does the pic  show the guy holding on with both hands if "unrivaled hands free control and fishability"? I'm confused.

Sweet jebus - 117#, and the drive is 21#, and they celebrate its "ease of transport"?


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