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Fall 2020 Mack Days on Flathead Lake


The Fall 2020 Mack Days on Flathead Lake started on September 8, and I've been participating.  It was pretty smoky today due to the fires in Oregon and California.  Not as smoky as it is in Oregon and California, but still pretty smoky! The visibility was about two miles, so the scenery and most of the lake shore were invisible.  I felt like I was fishing out in the ocean.  I caught a bunch of lake trout, including two 31" lake trout.

The last picture shows the view from the launch site on August 10, which was a typical clear day.  You can see 20 miles of the lake and mountains on the west side of Glacier Park.

Nice Mack!  And you got two 31".  Sweet.  Beats my one 28" over labor day weekend.

Nice fish! It's way smokier today and has a zombie invasion feel to it.


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