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Product Review: GSI Outdoors camp gear


Looking forward to this year, when the temperatures start to warm a little and the weather settles, the first thing I always think of is my home fishing grounds I'll go back to. Just like last year, they're gonna be fun and they will produce, but even more exciting are the road trips and new adventures that lie ahead. Whether it's the Oregon Rockfish Classic or just a weekend excursion to the coast, the way to stay for a lot of us is to camp.... 

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Product Review: The GoPro Wide HERO camera

The first time I saw this little grey box in a store I thought it looked interesting but just couldnít imagine good video coming
from a tiny little camera. And then it didn't have a LCD screen? Deal breaker I thought. That was a few years ago and since
then GoPro has really made some great improvements.  I got to meet one of their representatives and when she handed me
the camera I was sure it was going to be a little gimmicky thing that really wouldnít measure up to what we as kayak
fishermen want in a camera. Boy was I wrong!

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Product Review: Scotty Depthmaster Downrigger

by Zee

Kayak downrigger fishing just works - it works even better thanks to Scottyís Depthmaster downrigger. Itís is a well-built workhorse that has no problem handling a big weight andis really easy to operate. Iíve spent over 6 months using the Depthmaster putting it through some of the nastiest to some of the best conditions that Puget Sound and various lakes could muster up and after it all thereís no other way Iíd downrigger fish from my kayak.

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EZ Eggs and EZ Worms

Product Review
EZ eggs and EZ worms from Northwest Guide Baits
Reviewed by Spot

EZ eggs and EZ worms from Northwest Guide Baits, located in Olympia Washington, take soft plastic steelhead lures to a new level.  Iíve been a fan of soft plastic eggs for years.  Each brand has its niche, but all of the products Iíve tried previously had limitations.  EZ eggs hits the perfect balance of size, floatation, color, tackiness and...

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The Gerber Rivermate safety knife

Product Review
The Gerber Rivermate safety knife
Reviewed by Zee

After my last safety knife, rusting to oblivion, finally finding it's way to it's final resting place at the bottom of the Pacific it was time to check out a new one. I saw the Gerber Rivermate a few times and was a little intrigued with it's design. It is a little different than it's more popular counterpart, the River Runner, also made by Gerber so thought I'd check it out.

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