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Picture Of The Month

Bent rods & dry socks.

Oregon Rockfish Classic 2021 Registration

2021 Oregon Rockfish Classic

sign up will close on July 3rd

When: July 10th, 2019
Where: Depoe Bay, OR



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Events / Re: ORC 2021 Signup
« Last post by Ling Banger on Today at 12:12:11 AM »
"OK. Let's just move on to Final Jeopardy."
"Suck it Trebek. Ya hid your tournament from me the first year, but I've been in the mix every year since. It's true I've averaged -4,500, with a couple of DQ's, but 2021 is Ling Banger's year! Bhaa haaa haaa ahhhh haaa!"

RIP Connery and Trebek. :-(
Events / Re: Angler of the Year 2021 (AOTY)
« Last post by Ling Banger on May 12, 2021, 11:41:53 PM »
I could send you the letter I sent them. As our only current AK participant this would probably be really good for you! Wink wink.

You have my addy. Fire away. I hope to get down to Homer in the next week or two so that would be an opportunity for me to stop by if you haven't heard from them by then. Keep me posted. I need to hit the water for a feeder king and also see if there are any pollock left around the dock pilings for halibut bait. Rumors are the cycle has run its course (climate change?) and there are very few hanging around now.

BTW, I'm working on a prototype UW cam system to take on the kayak as a Drop Down and Record view while drifting a reef, then retrieve the camera and play back the video right on its self-contained screen while still in the waterproof housing. Almost as good as realtime! If the system works I'll make up a DIY post. Also working on a system with the original GoPro Hero and Hero 2 cams I have that have housings good for 200 feet deep which should put me in the Yelloweye and lingcod zones complete with one of my 300' diving lights. I'd have to remove the SD card and swap it to my tablet to review the video but that isn't a problem on a calm dry day.  Also working on a "strike cam" system but there are a number of bugs to work out in engineering for kayak limitations. It would be a good prize to donate to the competition if I can perfect it. Maybe next year.

Here's a Tip:  Send out an intro contact to The Fish House in Seward. They are the #1 tackle, bait, fishing info, and charter services store in town. Right on the Harbor too. I filmed a number of trips back in the 90's for them. Longtime family operation. https://www.TheFishHouse.net/  Attention: Mark Clemens 
With Seward and Resurrection Bay being one of the most popular kayaking destinations in Southcentral it would be fitting for them to become a sponsor since there are plenty of kayakers fishing around town when the silvers arrive. And even for the sockeye that show up very soon.  All their contact info is on the home page.

I like the cut of your jib. Keep the home fires burning. Please share with us your youtube handle so we can see all that awesome uw footage!
Washington Kayak Fishing / Seeking Westport intel for Friday
« Last post by Dawn Patrol on May 12, 2021, 09:56:11 PM »
Hey All,

Iím considering playing hooky on Friday and fishing Westport. Iíve been there several times including surfing but never kayak fished there.

Can anyone recommend a basic plan for a session there? As well as weigh in on the surf forecast too. Currently showing 2-4í with 12mph winds. Looking at webcams tonight and a similar swell, it looks pretty mellow.

Launch in the cove then fish N side of the jetty? Lings and rockfish, drop a crab trap? Iíd welcome any advice or recommendations.
Events / Re: Brownlee Crappie Shootout VI
« Last post by [WR] on May 12, 2021, 04:32:01 PM »
Wow. Jed , I think the amount of prizes you've had donated rivals or exceeds the prizes for ORC.

Can anyone else remember such a large donation to any of our tournaments?
Events / Re: Brownlee Crappie Shootout VI
« Last post by jed on May 12, 2021, 02:45:56 PM »
Safety is always a top concern while kayak fishing and RescueSteps sent the BCS VI a potentially life saving prize. Three actually.

RescueSteps makes boarding ladders for boats and kayaks as well as safety gear for hunters. I found out the hard way that righting a turtled kayak and then trying to re enter in deep water while fighting the wind and currents can be VERY challenging. I failed to practice self rescue on a new kayak I had gotten and treading water was not the time or place to learn. A RescueStep would have really come in handy and made things a lot easier. I have since practiced on my new boat but I also carry an assist step as a back up.

Have a back up plan and check out their steps at https://rescuestep.com/

Thank you for the awesome prizes Richard.

Drillin' & Cuttin' / Re: DIY leash from grass trimmer line and 550 Paracord
« Last post by Tinker on May 12, 2021, 02:13:42 PM »
 So I stopped using rod leashes, and went to pool noodles. I use a leash for my paddle, and the rod out in front of me, but not behind me.

I made a pile of leashes from trimmer line and never used them because I kept thinking about the situation you described.  I leash only my paddle - and I've been known to toss gear overboard while trying to control a fish.   
Drillin' & Cuttin' / Re: DIY leash from grass trimmer line and 550 Paracord
« Last post by Squidder_K on May 12, 2021, 12:57:52 PM »
Would there be any advantage to using that trimmer line over straight paracord with hitch loops/aluminum clip?

Everything has a pro and con.  For me being a retired GI Joe with all sort of 550 cord available it make a good choice.  Years ago I watch a guy in Virginia make leashes from old cell phone cords. These were wound up up style, and I used those for years. Those are not so common anymore.  I have never used the string trimmer line, I am sure it must work well or no one would of copied it.  A lot of times it is what you have. The plastic clips were available, in the past I used those aluminum carabiners that came on everything or you could get them at Home Depot on an End Cap for $1 each.   

One day my attitude towards leashes changed forever. I was rock fishing/crabbing  out of half moon bay. A damn rock crab got too close to the family jewels. One thing led to another, I didn't pay attention and I rolled. Not a big deal, but none the less my leg was getting wrapped around a leash.  I got free, but had it been in worse conditions it would of been harder to get out from the cord.  So I stopped using rod leashes, and went to pool noodles. I use a leash for my paddle, and the rod out in front of me, but not behind me.
Events / ORC 2021 Signup
« Last post by Zach.Dennis on May 12, 2021, 10:13:21 AM »
I know it has been announced but where are the signups?

Let's Talk Kayak Fishing / Re: J-rack for heavy fishing kayaks.
« Last post by HuyFishin on May 12, 2021, 09:09:04 AM »
I actually just ended up ordering the malone mega wings. After talking to my rep he showed me that the mega wings can be mounted very far out to the sides of my rack. Once I have it installed with the kayaks on the roof i'll show everyone!
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