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Topic: Snake River Yak Addicts Kayak Classic  (Read 5774 times)

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Hey guys, it's been a minute since I've posted up. I've been spending alot of time fishing and competing over the last season and not directing. However, this season I will be doing three events the first of which will be in April!
Here is the flyer for the event, feel free to contact me for info here, email or via facebook. Kylesmiley31@gmail.com is my email.
 This event will be score like the AOTY species scoring. We will provide all tackle for the anglers, kayaks will be inspected before launching, no one will be allowed to use their own personal tackle.
 We have alot of sponsors and a pile of stuff to give away and of coarse a potluck after!!
 If you can manage the trek to Idaho in April do it to it we plan on having a great time!!

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  • Lingcod
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That sounds like a really fun tournament, having everyone using the same gear.  I wish I wasnt already committed for that weekend or I might just drive to Idaho to be part of it.
Being retired, they pay me when I go fishing, therefore I am kind of a professional fisherman.


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Interesting format.  What types of rods, reels and line are you supplying?
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  • Lingcod
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Interesting format.  What types of rods, reels and line are you supplying?
We won't be supplying rods or reels, anglers will use their own. The tackle is what we are supplying, terminal tackle, baits, scents, plastics, ect. This will make it an even playing field. And to a resourceful fisherman, and considering the species, one could do a lot with a little.
 No one will know what they are getting until their kayak is inspected before launch. Every angler will have the same thing, only variance would be a possible difference in colors of the same bait or lure. Essentially all anglers will still have the same brand of and style of bait and or lures, they may just be different colors.

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  • Krill
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Interested and curious? What exactly are looking for during the kayak inspection? Are you allowed to use a fish finder for this tournament? How many rods are you allowed to have during the tournament? Is the tournament open to every brand of kayaks?