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Topic: **** Official ORC 2019 Waivers ****  (Read 689 times)

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Attached are two ACA (American Canoe Association) waivers that we will be using this year as the official ORC waivers.  The ACA is providing our insurance and this waiver is required for that.

We will be collecting these waivers on Friday and will have plenty of copies for you then on site.  But people asked for these in advance so I'm doing that now.

Note..  there is an adult waiver and a minor waiver for those under 18.

Some tips on filling out the waiver...

1.) The Membership Form at the Top.
Most people will select "ACA Event Membership $5".  This $5 is already paid with your registration.

If you are already an ACA member you can use your ACA card and member number and we won't have to pay for a $5 event membership and we can reimburse you.   

If you want to purchase an ACA annual membership for $25, you can pay us the balance of $20. It does come with an annual subscription of Kayak Angler magazine.

2.) The Waiver Section at the bottom.
Please fill this out as completely as possible.

For  "Name/Description of Activity or Event"...   write   "Oregon Rockfish Classic"

For "Sponsoring Club / Organization"... write  "American Kayak Supply"

In the past NWKA handled the insurance through ACA, this year AKS is doing that for us.

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