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I haven't been seeing a Picture of the Month for some time now (months), although I see a caption. This is true for both Safari on my iPhone and Chrome on my PC. Anybody else having this issue?

edit: On Safari, I do have a clickable box that takes me to a gallery picture. Chrome does not show a box.

Yep, I've wondered what other folks were seeing, or not.

Mojo Jojo:
I can click on it but itís not visible on the main.

Sherm's right.  Actually been about a year , using my droid phone with regular updates...


This is what it is supposed to be. The image's URL isn't correct, it actually looks like an admin tried to code an HTML break after the URL in whatever field they put the URL for the image for, making a browser unable to find the image.

--- Code: ---
--- End code ---


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