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What app do people use to check NWKA on their smartphone?


Im just curious what people use to check forum posts to NWKA on their smartphone???

That Tapatalk doesnt have NWKA.... but it does have NCKA.....

Im always surprised how fast some people can reply to the forum posts.

I kind of live under a rock with tech stuff like this.

For some reason, NWKA will show up in Tapatalk but not stick across a session. You have to keep adding it.

I have just ended up reading via Safari which mostly works. But the photo handling is soooooo sweet in Tapatalk, because they host the photos for you transparently. So you don't have to manage a hosting site account and all that jive, and you don't have to worry about tags and html or any of that jive.

And, it doesn't place the photo hosting storage burden on the forum, which to me is another argument for why NWKA should be working harder to improve the TT support. But I guess their ads are suppressed in favor of TT ads, so....

I just use Chrome on my smartphone.  Just make sure you have good eye sight (or your cheater glasses handy).  I used to use Tapatalk but have since stopped using it when it was having connection issues with the forum and went to Chrome.


Mojo Jojo:
Ditto...... just the stock iPhone browser.


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