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Has something changed?

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I'm using straight Chrome on a Macbook (macOS 12) and lately I've been having challenges logging-in.  Chrome insists the site isn't secure, bumps me back where I tell it to do it anyway, then returns me to the home page to log in a second time, this time successfully.

It's only been going on for a couple of weeks and it doesn't happen on NCKA.

Anyone else?  If it's only me, I'll check my end again.

on my iphone (safari) it wont keep me logged in even if I tell it to..

My phone does exacly what Tinker's device does.

Perhaps it has something to do with this being an Apple creation, then.  Maybe something in an update they snuck in without letting me decide if I want it or not?  Those Apple-oids seem to do that a lot.

Nevertheless, it doesn't happen on our step-sibling site down south so I'm still leaning towards it not being anything I did.  Or Apple, no matter how sneaky those nerds can be.

I have android, so it's not Apple.


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