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Lost hobie vantage seat.

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Today about 10:00 a.m. when leaving PC after having a major dumbass attack I failed to secure my hobie seat. Needless to say the seat blew off somewhere betweeen PC and Willamina. I do recall someone flashing their high beams at me just about out of town (PC), and thinking I wonder why theyíre flashing me? So if anyone has any info I canít explain how grateful I would be.

Ouch!  I know the feeling.  At least your's is above water and you have a chance to find it.  Mine is at the bottom of Hagg Lake somewhere  :'(
That was one expensive lesson

Good luck, I hope you find it and its still in usable condition.

The (all too familiar to me) dumbass tax!

I'm pretty good at forgetting things when I go fishing, one time I left my seat at home... I had a 'stadium chair' in my car and found that it'll work in a pinch. Not super comfortable but not super uncomfortable either. If you have one laying around, maybe it'll keep you on the water till you find your seat (or a replacement seat).

This is the sort of chair I'm talking about:

Do you know the model number? I was sent the wrong seat model when I bought my 2022 Oasis. The seller didnít want to pay shipping to return it so itís been collecting dust in my garage. If itís the right model, itís yours for only the cost of shipping.

Sorry to hear about the loss probably very slim chance of recovery.  :(


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