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How to threads w/ pics wanted


So when you pimped your yak did you take photos of the installs? Fish finder, anchor trolley, seatback, accessory installs, whatever. Think you can do a short how-to? Go ahead and post it in this forum and if it's good it'll get stickied at the top with the rest.


A few I'd like to submit for the evaluation of stickiness.  ;D

T13 Bungee mod,2306.0.html
Granny cart,2448.0.html
DIY Kayak rack,2656.0.html There's a few versions in there.
T13 tank well seat for child,2665.0.html
Scotty compact mount and extender,2308.0.html
T13 Fiberglass Rod Pod Lid.,3259.0.html
Hobie Flush Flag Mount.,6232.0.html

I could probably provide some nice "How not to" threads.


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