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Granny Walker D.I.Y. kayak cart

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by NWKA member INSAYN

I tried to utilize alot of the parts and pieces from the Granny Walker to keep the final product looking clean and not all hacked together.   I started by tearing it all down and then cutting an elbow from each handle.  

Using one of the adjustable legs from the Granny Walker, I am going to reinforce the lower tube with this outer tube.

Then using a support bar from the Granny Walker, I reinforce this area even more by slipping a tube inside.  

All three layers are then riveted together.

Being that my hand truck had these plastic wheels on the tires, I purchased a cheap set of steel Harbor Freight wheels/tires to put back on the hand truck.

The gray plastic caps hide the fact that I have just riveted 3 layers of Granny Walker tubing together to support the axle.    The axle itself it solid 5/8" steel rod.  This will eventually be replaced with stainless tube.  Not a priority at the moment.  

The blue foam is a $1.00 noodle from the Dollar Tree.  The wide black webbing is from some scraps that my aunt gave me several years ago.   I had the wifey sew loops into the webbing and was then riveted into place to keep it from sliding on the tube. And the yellow webbing is a set of Harbor Freight lash straps that I cut down and had the wife sew loops into as well.

The mesh bag (from my first Brunton headlamp) is to stow the bulk of the yellow strap in as well as the cotter pins in.  

I made it fit the bottom of the wife's Malibu Two XL, as I wanted to be able to piggy back my two kayaks.

After strapping the two naked kayaks together, I pulled them around the yard, down some stairs, off the curb, over some various rough surfaces and everything handles great!  Nothing slipped, bent, or even tipped over.  

The tires fit down under the sonar mount up against the scupper holes.

The tubes fit up along side the battery bag in the T13.

With it stowed away in the T13 front hatch you can barely see that it's in there.

Yakky Doodle:
Fantastic design and great way to recycle!

Ranger Dave:
Nice Job.  ;D

Ingenious, and elegant!  YOu're not in the Hobie??????


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