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Topic: USAngling Introduces New USA Kayak Saltwater Fishing Team  (Read 2252 times)

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So Zach, you saying I'm not qualified to represent the PNW?    ;)


Yep that's exactly what i am saying....  :D haha you know me better then that. 

I think you and others will represent the group well.  Just interested in the selection process and how people were chosen or not. And hope that myself and others have a chance to qualify and compete in the future.  Not great hearing about a cool new series only to find out that its invite only for a relatively small group of friends

I'm glad you got my sarcasm.  :D

I hope for a good PNW qualifier also.  Those big contests require a champion though and I think you're just the man to bring this to life Zach.


You have been around me long enough to know that I have stepped in and volunteered to help (recall my efforts to make orc tax exempt- fell on deaf ears).  I have volunteered and assisted with the kayak community for years and donít plan on stopping

I think our current tournaments are not well supported by this website- look at AOTY website issues. Hard to want to join when you canít access the website. Same with ORC and the other tournaments- hard to advertise when no calendars are updated and pinned posts in tournaments show the last tournament being ORC 2021

Again- qualifiers donít need to be big. But not having anything available for others to join makes it a challenge between friends- not a Panam champ. . Right now the only way for me to make a team in the future is to befriend certain people. Not something I am willing to do. I bet me asking questions on how to qualify has annoyed Allen enough to keep me off the teamÖ ;)
So, Zach - you willing to help out with the SBAOTD? I'm sure we could find a spot for you.   ;D


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So, Zach - you willing to help out with the SBAOTD? I'm sure we could find a spot for you.   ;D

Id definitely be open to chatting to see how i can help.  I may be restricted with some aspects as i am not local to your area but if there are options for me to assist day of the tournament or background prep such as making a shit ton of phone calls- then i would be happy to assist.  Lets chat and see where i can jump in
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Really great discussion going on here. I think these chats are what can fuel something bigger. There is SO MUCH potential in the PNW to build the community larger.