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Topic: Hi!  (Read 1035 times)

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I live in the Magnolia neighborhood of Seattle and am new to fishing here.  I've lived in the region for 15 years and my main outdoor hobby has been climbing / mountaineering.  This year I began fishing - catching salmon in the Duwamish by my work and some from the shore near Discovery Park close to my home.  I've also done some pond trout fishing at Greenlake with my son.  Prior to this, my fishing experience was limited to perch and catfish as a boy in Texas and Oklahoma.

I am getting a kayak setup to expand my horizons without buying a boat.  My near-term goal is to get dialed in to be able to fish for Ling Cod later this spring in the Elliot Bay area.  Longer term I want to set up a downrigger to be able to troll for salmon in the sound.  I go to Wenatchee regularly to visit relatives, and would like to explore kokanee fishing in some of the fisheries in the middle part of the state. 

I am in the market for a pedal kayak, ideally inflatable for ease of travel.   Also shopping for all the accroutements - PFD, drysuit.  Also trying to assess the right rod / reel combos for ling, and figure out if I can "DIY" myself there or if I should look at working with a guide for a day to accelerate the learning process.


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I can give you a hand with most of your needs.  I sell Hobies, Dry Suits, PFDs, downriggers, and fishing gear at Outdoor Emporium in Seattle.  I work on Thu/Fri/Sun/Mon and we have some great deals going on now.  You can also check out my YouTube channel as I've got a couple videos about downriggers on Hobies there.




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Sounds like you want to fish for a variety of species.  Each has specific requirements and if you're going to try for Lincod in the spring, then I highly suggest adding a kayaking drysuit (or a full body wetsuit at minimum).  Summer/early fall you can get away without one if you're experienced and confident, but if you're in any danger of flipping/falling out, then not worth endangering your life for. 

That being said you're in good company, LOTS of experienced users here who can suggest gear/setups.