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Topic: Sweating the small stuff  (Read 1609 times)

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As a new transplant I'm eager to start targeting all the delicious bounties of the seas. I myself however have a strong preference for smaller baitfish which in this state is referred to as "forage fish" in the regs.

As there's far less tackle restrictions, its something I could go out with just about anyone and target, so I'm probably going to do it quite a bit this year until I learn their patterns. If there is anyone else who has plans to go out and find these smaller fish or if you know where they may be shoaling, please let me know, I'm eager to start once I get my license (official resident in 1 month, 8 days and counting).


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The NW does have runs of Smelt, Herring, Shad and Anchovies.  I tend to find them shoaling at Bob's Sporting Goods and Fishermen's Marine but there are a number of members who chase them in the ocean, estuaries and rivers.

BTW: It would help to find partners if they knew where you lived.

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I'm in deep south sound/Nisqually Area, but I am willing to trek.


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Join the FB group Kayak Fishing Addicts NW.  Might be some intel on there. 


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In Nisqually Area, there is founder that is good to eat. they don't have a lot of meat, but they taste real good if you don't mind to work on it. I never filet, just remove the scale and eat the skin too. Just fry them and dip them in Vietnamese fish sauce and hot pepper. Daily limit is 15 and no size limit, you can throw back the small one and keep the big one. I am waiting for the weather to get a little warmer and I will go out in Mukilteo to get some.