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Some of you might not know this yet, but in my day job I'm an ecologist studying invasive aquatic species.   I currently work at Portland State University and my co-workers Vanessa and Rich have started a program called Oregon Lake Watch and they are currently looking for volunteers to monitor Oregon's lakes.   Basically, it's an "adopt a lake" type program.   You pick a lake and agree to visit it at least twice during the year to monitor for invasive species (like aquatic vegetation, crayfish, or zebra mussels) and to collect some simple water quality measurements (like water clarity and temperature).

Here are some details...

Home page


--- Quote ---About
Oregon Lake Watch is a citizen-science program focused on maintaining the health and use of our state's beautiful lakes. Funding from the Oregon State Marine Board Aquatic Invasive Species Prevention Program (AISPP) is making this possible!
To help citizens play an active role in protecting lakes from aquatic invasive species and thereby preserve their recreational, aesthetic and environmental uses.
Trained OLW volunteers will fill a critical role in the early detection of invasive aquatic animals and plants and can also contribute to the collection of valuable baseline water quality data.
--- End quote ---

Yes, you read that right.  The funding for this is coming from that $7 per year invasive species boat permits we all have to buy now.  The rest of that funding mostly goes to inspection stations around the lake.   

I'll fill you in on details.   Right now they are gathering information about potential volunteers via this Google Doc questionaire.

I believe there is going to be a few training classes throughout the state as well as some sampling equipment kits to be handed out.

My hope is that some of us can find the time to help out and become stewards of your local fishing spot.  (I'm trying to convince Vanessa to get embroidered patches for volunteers to put on their PFDs).

Sign up now and claim your favorite lake before someone else does.


Thanks for posting.  Joined the OLA and filled out the questionnaire to be a volunteer.  Hope my intended lake is still available.

Great, thanks!

The program is just starting out so most of the lakes are still available.  It's really not a bit deal if your lake is already taken, it's just that they have a limited number of kits to give out.

I did ask about doing multiple lakes.   I figure once I'm trained and have a kit why not monitor every lake when I go fishing.  The answer was as long as you visit and monitor the lake at least twice, go for it.

So I could go crawdad hunting all weekend and write it off as volunteer work?  :P


--- Quote from: Justin on February 19, 2013, 01:49:54 PM ---So I could go crawdad hunting all weekend and write it off as volunteer work?  :P

--- End quote ---

Yep, that's basically my plan... spend 15 minutes or so collecting data for Oregon Lake Watch and then do some fishing while I'm there.


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