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How many of you paddle??

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Let's hear it?  Who still paddles? 

If I went by current posts, it would appear that pedalers are the majority here.  So, all you paddlers stand up and be counted!    Especially if you're a lurker. 


Both...does that count?

Captain Redbeard:
My single is a paddle, my tandem is a peddle.

Honestly that's mostly due to budget, though. The long term plan is to get a Revo 13 for my single boat. That said, I really enjoy paddling. I just find it harder to fish, although after doing it for a while it's getting easier. The rub is that rod holders would/will help, but ironically get more in the way the more you paddle (IMHO).

I own both pedal and paddle kayaks and do both. I paddle to play in the surf and pedal to troll for trout/kokanee.

Like RumLuck wrote, if I do both does it count?  I don't see it as a pick one type question.  Use the best tool for the job.

I spend most of my fishing time pedaling but I still paddle on occasion.  I find the feeling of getting into a good paddle cadence on flat water very relaxing, especially when in a fast boat.  There is no way I'd ever try to pedal whitewater or surf.  Paddling in those conditions for sure.


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