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i11s fishing test

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rigging worked great on a 6 hour test ride all the way around Siltcoos, easy to troll 2 rods, rocket launchers place the reels right beside me.  Front deck is clear, small soft cooler up front for my radio and some small stuff, easy to access the BlackPac box behind by just turning in the seat...wind kicked up some 1-2' waves that I needed to go into for a mile or so and there was lots of spray, some flexing of the hull, but the boat is really stable and fast...cheers, roger

Matt M:
The real question is how many fish did you put in the boat?


--- Quote from: iairj84 on March 24, 2016, 09:24:30 AM ---The real question is how many fish did you put in the boat?

--- End quote ---

thought I would bump into a bass or two, maybe some perch but nothing wanted to play.  Siltcoos is mostly empty this time of year, except for the loons, mallards, canada geese, 2 young bald eagles up the Fiddle Creek arm, wood ducks, lots of coots... ;D

Matt M:
Well either way it was a good shakedown. How is the stability on the i11s compared to your Oasis?

Captain Redbeard:
Thank you for the review! I've been really curious about these. Looks like a very viable platform. I'm looking forward to more pictures.

How tight does it pack down? I'm sure I can find info online but I'm curious from your perspective.


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