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i11s WindPaddle Adventure sail testing

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a recent thread at the Hobie forum reminded me that I wanted to try using a sail on my i11s, so while I'm waiting for delivery of my MD180 drive, I did some sailing.

I went with the WindPaddle 47" Adventure sail, about $125 from ACK.  It clips quickly to the existing front rings and worked well enough that it will be riding up there on all my outings from now on.  My testing included 2 days out fishing on CoosBay and it was great resting my legs while moving from where I was to where I wanted to be, plus I caught a few fish both days.... ;D  cheers, roger

Nice video Roger!  Makes me want to pick up one of those.


Great down wind sailing option without the hassle of a mast!

Roger, looks like you may need a whisker pole (or two) to hold the sail in place out in front of you.

5mph is really moving for such a small sail.  That's way faster than pedaling.

Way cool! I actually just pick up an I11 this week. Do you have some pics of how you rigged up the FF and rear area? 

Edit-Never mind, just saw your other threads!


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