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CJ Strike and Bruneau Sand Dunes


Made a trip to Idaho, to drop off a car to my son at college. My best friend lives in nearby Boise, so we planned a 3 day adventure. Started out Saturday at CJ. We fished from daybreak till about noon. We caught just under 100 crappie between us, most 7-9" with three 11-12". Also 4 little smallmouth. Surprisingly, no trout or perch. Wind blew us off of water, and was forecasted to continue all day sunday, ruining our walleye plans. Wind died down for monday, so we headed back out to cj. We caught about 50 more crappies, mostly whites, with only 1 fish over 11". We got bored so headed to bruneau sand dunes to check it out. Heard good things about it. It didn't disappoint.! We caught 7 largemouth, all around 12", but more importantly, we caught some piggie bluegills! 35 gills between us, around 25 of them over 9". Largest we've ever caught. Good times. Hoping it freezes to ice fish it in January...

Nice haul codeman, the wind can get going out here. Iím in Vale if you are over here and need some company. Got these at Brownlee yesterday. Been pretty slow but hopefully this weather puts them on the bite.

Mojo Jojo:
Well thatís a load of crappie or two isnít it? Nice catching guys!


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