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Open invite, sturgeon, Wednesday, pics added

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Helium Head:
Pmmpete and I are meeting at 9:00 am at Swan Island boat launch on Wednesday to go after sturgeon.

I work at Vigor and was at our Swan Island facility today (all the dry docks and ships in Jurassic Park). Took a walk looking for the Kayaks and didn’t see y’all. How did you do?

I did figure out if I dont want to deal with the Kayak, I can fish off the dry dock if I am wearing hard hat and glasses 🤓

Helium Head:
There were 5 of us out there today, from about 9:00 - 3:00. We spent most of our time around the corner from the dry dock next to the Navy trimaran. It was a beautiful day and we all caught fish!

Helium Head:
A couple more pictures. I like the one with minnomagnet landing one in the background!  Several times we had three on at once.

Wow, Looks like you all had a GREAT Day 👍


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