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Bonneville pool sturgeon help


Anyone have any places to launch (Oregon side) or tips for fishing the sturgeon in the pool?

I'm not too well versed in sturgeon, but there are lots of good kayak launches throughout the Oregon side upstream of Bonneville.  Putting in at Cascade Locks by the bridge would be hairy due to the current, but upstream of there things calm down a bit.  Try Government Cove (upstream of CL accessible on Wyeth Rd), Viento State Park, Hood River Marina / the hook, etc.  Just follow 84 east and find the public access on the map.  You can also put in on the WA side at Stevenson at Rock Creek Park and paddle out under the RR and SR-14 bridges.  Kinda swift current there in the spring.  Good luck!

Perfect thank you, if they are there I can get them but have never fished above the dam.


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