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Kenai River: LOTS of Coho hitting the River, still thousands of reds per day


Klondike Kid:
I had to try my new downrigger out so headed to the mouth of the Kenai to work the tidewater where it would be easy to learn the "ropes" on using a DR from my kayak. And there were lessons to be learned. But my learning curve included connecting with a hen silver for my efforts.

Reports for several days indicated a very good return of early season Silvers in the Kenai so I had to try some trolling a single hook kwikfish K-14 on the last day of no bait, single hook. Beginning Monday August 16th we are back to treble and multiple hooks and BAIT. But its not needed.

A friend's son in law hit the river below Eagle Rock (3 anglers) before daylight Sunday. They limited six fish in the boat on kwikfish at anchor by 10am. Today, first day of bait, they ran 3 kwikfish and no scent. They landed two in the box using their head lamps in the dark. Had five in the boat when the last guy switched to a gob of eggs and had a fish in 5 minutes.

I've fished the river for 51 years now and this is at the top five list for great silver fishing in the early run.

Very nice result of your new downrigger.  Congrats!  Spent a while last week putting new line of my Depthmaster.


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