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--- Quote from: Larry_MayII_HR on September 27, 2021, 12:41:15 PM ---Too bad I'm not closer!  I tried all day yesterday at Dorena for a nicer sized perch for AOTY and only caught one 5-inch bait stealer plus a few other non-target species.  I need your tutelage!

--- End quote ---
The main thing is fishing good perch producing lakes and reservoirs. I'm pretty lucky out in E Oregon. Brownlee kicks out 13" perch pretty regular and larger ones in the winter. Phillips res is a perch factory that regularly has a stunted fish due to over population. They trapped a bunch of these fish and transplanted them to Cascade. These fish along with native spawners grow to the jumbo size. Let me know if you make it out this way and I'll share some spots.

Round 2, needed the drysuit this time.

Nice work!


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