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After joining this group, picking up an Old Town Salty last January and fishing around Puget Sound for the last year, we find ourselves with another big move next year. I've never fished lakes, but if we are moving to Sandpoint I will just have to find a way to adjust. haha.

I don't see too much information on here concerning Lake Pend Oreille kayak fishing, but thought I'd see if anybody in the area can give me some insight on what to expect. Namely, I'm thinking about selling or trading the salty for a sportsman PDL, or even an minnkota powered craft, but wasn't sure about trolling with the wider and heavier boat on the lake. Are down riggers pretty much required to effectively fish, or can I get away with a sliding weight rig like I'm currently using for salmon on the salt?
Thanks in advance

Lived out in that area back in the day but didnít fish the lake. Saw a few huge lake trout from it. Locals also often talked about how absurdly deep it was and how the government tested submarines out there at the  (long since decommissioned) Farragut Naval Training Station.

Sean, I've got a life long friend who lives there. Give me a bit , will ask if he can give a list of resources for there that I can pass on..

How soon do you leave ??

We won't move for another 10 months, but we will be going there throughout the year to scout out houses and perhaps work a weekend or two to get familiar with the system and help out. I just don't see a lot of info out there for kayak fishermen in Northern Idaho. Lake Pend Oreille looks promising, but there's a lot of powerboat activity in town, and it's insanely deep

Hey I am from there and have done a lot of kayak and boat fishing in the big lake. Rainbow trout is great through the colder months of winter. Not as many big Mackinaw (lake trout) as there used to be. Farragut has not been decommissioned and they are still in fact testing submarines there. All unmanned from what I understand. Walleye, Pike, Smallmouth and Largemouth fishing is all exceptional. There are Blueback (Kokanee) salmon to be caught. People rave about them and while they are pretty tasty they are really small with a 12 inch one being pretty good sized. If your still on here hit me up and I know a lot of good spots and what to use to catch some pretty good sized fish.


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