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I'm sure there might be some salty dogs in here that will get mad about exposing a spot, but N Coho beach for Kasilof was really nice.

It was more of a maiden voyage so I didn't do much fishing, but the beach was real nice to drive on. It's to the point right now that if you do drive and launch at the point, you can back right up to the water. I would recommend any vehicle that's more on the light side though. Things like newer F150's or something similar.

I went about 2 hours before high tide and if you time it right you can pedal out from the point, and drift to the fish site cabins for a pretty good evening.

I believe the beach fishing page on Facebook has exposed everything by now lol. I was actually driving down that way the other and thinking about trying it sometime. I live close to the mouth of the Kenai and have tried fishing out there with no luck yet.


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