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Austin Kayak is no more

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Was on a search for a new boat. Went to and ended up with this :

Stinger Hook:
Mmmm, that is really a bummer.

I bought quote a few things form them in the past. Sometimes ACK had things in stock that others didn't.

I just found an interesting article online giving more insight in the history of ACK and how they went down:

Matt M:
I've also bought several things from them in the past when the local shops didn't have them in stock, certainly they were great when I used them. Lately though when I've needed something oddball I couldn't get locally I've purchased through also based in texas oddly enough, so far so good in my dealings with them.

Thanks, Matt.  Other than one Hobie dealer, there aren't any kayak retailers anywhere nearby and ACK was my go-to vendor.  Three kayaks and several big totes of parts.  Now I know about another online vendor, just in case.  Appreciate it.

Right now, the group that picked up the pieces still have a lot of Hobie miscellaneous parts listed. I actually spent a few minutes looking through inventory and discovered they also have a very few kayaks , too.

But if you need pins, ruddrers hardware kits etc, take,the time to look.

Not shilling for them, just stating what I saw. 

Wow, that's a really sad but not unusual story. Looks like a slew of bad decisions and a vulture capitalist take over did them in.

Will have to take a look, see if KayakCity  is still in business. 


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