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The Fall Run Is Moving On Up

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Anyone pondering whether or not the fish are well into the Gorge and beyond, I assure you, they're IN!

There were a ton of fish caught on Sunday and I marked piles of them on the sonar. This voluptuous lady hit a Mexican Hat spinner blade behind the ever popular chrome Protroll.

Trade in your tidal current woes for the winds and combat fishing of the Gorge today!

Stinger Hook:
Thanks for the inspiring post!

The Gorge is on my list for tomorrow and most likely for Friday and Saturday too. There will be a series of days with virtually no wind up there so I need to jump on it! No wind also makes the combat fishing a lot easier:-)

fake.... If it were real, you'd have invited me.


--- Quote from: Spot on August 30, 2023, 04:34:02 PM ---fake.... If it were real, you'd have invited me.

--- End quote ---

I figured you were too into the whole power boat thing soo....  :dontknow:

Hell yeah Rawkfish! Nice work!


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