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Does anyone operate a drone - a small one that doesn't need registration under Part 107?

I'd like to learn more about them (other than from YouTube videos by people I'll never know) because Woo-Woo you haven't made a fishing video if you don't have aerial footage!   :spittake:

(That last part was B-S.  The kid wants one for Christmas.)

I bought a DJI Mini 3 Pro a few months ago.  It's my first and have not used it fishing yet, but intend to.  Pretty fun to see things from above where you are.  As for a gift, with extra batteries that you'll need for it to be worthwhile, as well as a two year warranty, I spent at least $1200.  There is a lower model if you don't want to spend that much, but I don't recommend it due to it not having obstacle avoidance sensors.  This one came highly recommended, and I'm pretty happy with it.  Lots to learn, and it can be set to follow you hands free.  As long as I don't use it commercially, it does not have to be registered.

I bought my son a DJI Mavic Mini a few years ago and it is very impressive so I imagine the newest version is even better. It has crazy long range and is GPS equipped so it returns to where it took off if the connection fails, though it never has. The images are very sharp and steady. They also have good service. My son broke one of the rotors doing something stupid and it was reasonable to send it in for repair.

Thank you both.  It helps to be able to identify a reliable manufacturer, and I appreciate it.

I've built 18 racing drones and owned 3 DJI in the past so have some experience with them. Definitely go with DJI. It's impressive how many features they packed in such a small package. Costco has deals on them.


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