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On a trip along I-5, through Woodland, WA, I decided to stop by and check out the Edge Rod facility there. Once I found the pro shop I was treated to a wonderful personal tour of the facility. Seeing the entire process of what goes into making a fishing rod and meeting the people who make them! It is amazing what goes into making a fishing rod.
I was so impressed with the craftsmanship that goes into each rod that I decided to purchase two of them online when I got home on Nov 15th. Then I waited patiently for them to arrive on my front porch.

The first rod arrived within three weeks, well within their 3-5 week delivery window. I was really excited to see a salt jigging rod that weighs under 6 oz.

Then I waited for the second rod to arrive. I started getting concerned about my order after 2 months. So I started sending emails and calling Edge to check on the progress. I found their communication with customers needing attention. Often phone calls went unanswered and messages not returned in a timely fashion. After 3.5 months I finally received the notice that my rod had just shipped.

I was told that for some models that they will wait until they have sufficient number to produce a run. Then they will make the rods. Which will cause delays.

I do like that these rods are locally produced and are well made. That said, I am disappointed with the long wait and difficulty in reaching someone at Edge to find out about the status of my order.

If you do decide to purchase a rod from Edge just be prepared that it may take a bit longer than you expect to have it in hand. I am looking forward to fishing with these new rods.

I've used their blanks a bit. They all seem significantly faster and higher power than what I thought they might be based on the descriptions on their site.

Thick blanks tend to cut down on claims I imagine, but it's not too helpful for my finesse tactics.

I think a little stiffer is better from the kayak however, as so much of the motion of moving the rod is absorbed by the movement of the hull in the water, so maybe not the worst choice for us.

I can see how that would be upsetting. Seems like they should tell you up front when you order if they won't be making the rods you order for a while. Customer service would be nice!

There are very lengthy forum threads and reviews about Edge customer service if you search on Google...

The lesson that I learned is to make sure that I am ordering from their in stock inventory.  Lesson learned.
Will let you know how they fish!!


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